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My boyfriend was a lot less experienced than me when we first started dating. But he's definitely gotten a lot better but there's something that bothers me. Before we got serious we were asking questions about our sex life and he told me he'd never touched a women downstairs and he def never went down on one and has no plans on it. At first it didn't bother me cuz i never really cared for it anyways. He was willing to at least touch me, and even tho at first he was really shy and nervous about it, he's become so much better with doing it and realising how much I like it. But he never puts any fingers in (sorry for being crude) and I want him too so bad. But I'm afraid to ask. I've also found myself wanting him to go down on me but he's said in the past he doesn't want to, I don't even want to ask for fear of him rejecting the idea and then I'll take it personally, and I'll feel like something is wrong with me. What do I do? Cuz it's starting to bother me more and more.

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 15

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