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How do I fix our relationship? I don't want to loose him, but its like lately all we do is argue. Is it possible for things to be like they were in the beginning. I don't even feel appreciated, or Loved. i feel unwanted. Not to mention my self esteem now is hella low. What do i do? Help me. Help us.

Joslin - 23yo - level 1

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7 months ago

Depends on what’s broken and if you are both ready to make changes/fix the problem. If it’s just you it’s never going to get better. You’ll just end up resenting him more and more and feeling worse about yourself as you cling to memories instead of reality.

Jimmy - level 11 -
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8 months ago

Depends what you are arguing about, how much hurt is involved. And if you are BOTH willing to get back there. Good luck

Tiffany - 34yo - level 33 -
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5 months ago

This... So much of this...
In todays age of tinder and technology... We as a peoples have seperated ourselves from the idea of patching holes in our relationships and instead tend to just replace them.
First thing id recommend is determining if your partner even wants to save it... If not youre just delaying the inevitable. And if they do. And you really do... Then make a rule about communication hours and no phones. No secrets. Ect. Be willing to have a give and take. Loving someone is about making each other happy and is never a one sided event... If it is and cannot be solved... Bail

John - 33yo - level 1 -
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