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Does anyone know why it doesn't show every answer to every question and only does certain ones?

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 12

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1 month ago

Because it only shows for one, questions you both answered. Like if you answer one before your S. O. Then when he answers it it will show him your answer and his to see if y'all got it correct for each other. If I understand your ? Right... Lol

Tiffany - 33yo - level 27 -
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4 weeks ago

So it doesn't ask us the same questions at the same time?? Cuz that's what I thought.

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 12 -
3 weeks ago

That's my complaint. All I get to see is what we got right together. I want to see what we didn't answer the same so as to enhance conversations about what we DON'T know.

Tim - level 8 -
1 week ago

No it doesn't ask the same questions at the same time... So you get different questions, you gotta realize also both people are going at their own pace. So like I've answered close to 2000 questions where my hubs is barely at 1000 lol so after y'all BOTH answer enough questions, they will start throwing ones he's answered into yours, and vice versa and then you'll start seeing which ones you or him got wrong

Tiffany - 33yo - level 27 -
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