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How to fix something, that you don't know what wrong or going on!
My fiancée and have had our ups and downs. But we've always made it through. Hell been homeless together twice and were happy. Not it seems that I piss him off by being around. He don't put any effort in for me. I was hurting real bad need to go to dr, he told me he would take me on the morning. Morning came I had to get him take him to work. Which killed me cause if as my shoulder and neck hurting. Told me come get me for lunch I'll take u then. Well that didn't happen, I had to take his son to a appointment and well it seemed like he could care less! He came home early so he could go with us. But that's the thing he asks me what u doing? Ur going? Yeah let me hurt some more! I get attitude if I try to describe how it feels. His buddy calls me all kinds of name to a friend of our and it happened when I had her phone! Told him about let him read them he didn't do anything, friend told me that they were Joking around

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Ok I think I'm thinking something is wrong where there may not be anything! I love this man and I know I can't be center of attention. I need to chill out and stop thinking so much, I'll make myself sick

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