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What would you do if your loved one keeps secrets from you even after marriage. And you keep getting into bitter arguments every time something related to those secrets enter into a regular conversation?

Example: financial planning sharing of details(secret) so we can plan, Phone related - not interested even to give the phone for a moment.

Sumanth - 26yo - level 4

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5 months ago

I think all people have the right to keep some part of their personal space even after marriage. And usually we keep secrets from our partners not to hide sth but not to disturb them or stress them out. I would take it easy and with time there will be more and more understanding between you.

anonymous - 33yo - level 27 -
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2 months ago

I personally think you should tell your other half everything! They are suppose to be ur best friend right? You don't hide anything from them! If u can't tell them something because ur scared how they r going to react, then ur not giving them the opportunity to show u how much they truly love u.

Teri - 33yo - level 1 -
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