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Does size matter during sex(is there a thing as to much)?

Anthony - 36yo - level 17

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11 months ago

Yes. While the vagina can expand greatly when aroused fully, there can still be times when the penis hits the cervix. One can also have the pelvic floor muscles not be strong enough to allow for great girth. These can both be worked around in a relationship and that requires open communication from both partners and occasionally with a doctor if sex is continuously painful as there can be an underlying condition. This of course only applies to heterosexual sex and it is a different situation with homosexual sex.

Tasha - 24yo - level 16 -
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8 months ago

Matters if you know how to use what you have Been dealt. And yes, there is such a thing as too much. Be careful and listen to your partner.

Heather - 42yo - level 1 -
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