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How do i go about bringing up my issues,worries,concerns and what actions have hurt my feelings to my partner.
Everytime i try he either ignores the problem or deflects the questions and turns it around onto me and my actions.
So im always left with no answers and feeling like im not worth hearing or meeting on commen ground... i dont wanna start another argument i would just like to be heard comforted respected and told the truth.
How can we have groath if the issues never get resolved.. ???? Thank u

Shandell - level 1

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1 year ago

I understand you, my husband and I have unfinished business and every time I asked for the trutho or try to talk about it, he gets very exaggerated mad even packing bags and leaving the house for days, I don't know what to do anymore because I just can't ignore the situation that happened it seems like he want to act like it never happened so I was hoping somebody would answer you but good luck and stay strong

Auro - 40yo - in a relationship for 5 years - Married - 2 - level 6 -
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1 year ago

Thank you darl and oh im so sorry that you are going threw that. It dose suck and it dose really hurt it makes you question everything and you are left feeling so alone and not understood i hope things pick up and start moveing forward for you darl and thank u im hopeing someone has a suggestion aswell lol

Shandell - level 1 -
1 year ago

Hi there babe so after reading I'll conversation I thought why do I have to be uncomfortable in my own home or ignore situation that's causing me pain it can't be worse than him leaving again so I told him with no filter exactly what was in my heart and my mind we will try to work it out it feels a lot better than the tension we had before but one more try because after this one that is no more excuses after already have talked it out a few times so just wanted to update you hope your doing good

Auro - 40yo - in a relationship for 5 years - Married - 2 - level 6 -
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