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How do you learn to trust him if in the last two years you've caught him multiple times on sex sites fake emails, Craigslist and multiple times has been caught how do you learn to trust him. "The lies, fake emails, all the profiles" how do I stop killing my self? 25yrs married, and to top it off every time i had a womans intuition on him doing anything, I ended up being RIGHT and i do have hard evidence of everything.

Evie - 48yo - level 1

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5 months ago

Couple's therapy is really the only advice I could have. Having a third party therapist that isn't emotionally involved in the situation can help break down the "why" behind the behavior. If it's been that consistent, at some point you have to love and care about yourself enough that you decide to make decisions to care for your well-being if there is infinite resistance to couple's therapy.

Aaron - 28yo - level 17 -
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6 months ago

You probably can't... Maybe couples therapy. If you're married this long there must be a reason he recently started...

Kelly - 23yo - level 21 -
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