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During the dating phase of the relationship, your partner cheated. A relative who was with them tells you, however, your partner says they absolutely did not. The relative then comes back and says when they told you about you partner, they lied. Your gut says they did, but you give them the benefit of the doubt. Your marriage takes place, with the premise this event never occurred. After you have been together for 13yrs (married 5 of those) your partner out of the blue says “ok! I lied about it”. How should one react or reason here? You’ve known it happened, but this degree of dishonesty? Is this the same as cheating during the marriage? Is it really worse? I feel as if I had my free will to choose stolen away by a lie. How do you trust your partner again? I love my partner but this is causing me severe mental anguish

Reggie - 37yo - level 6

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I would actually just open up to my partner and tell him how it makes me feel and that I am not sure what to do about my feelings and idk how to trust him again. We've also had a trust issue where I needed to learn how to trust him again. And I managed, we're happy now. I don't think it's a big issue, since she cheated a long time ago and I think it's been bugging her all the years. In the end, she chose you, right? My advice - talk, communication is very important.

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