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My wife and I have a great sex life. What tips can you give me to introduce anal play in a good way, we have done it once before and didn't go to plan, scared her off it I think. I have bought several small toys and lubes but I don't think she is keen.

Chris - 33yo - level 4

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1 year ago

Get a set of plugs in ascending sizes. Of course start with the small one. Use plenty of lube and have her put her hand on yours to dictate the pace. Once it’s in, give her mind blowing oral pleasure. She’ll then start to associate the two together 🤓

Dave - level 1 -
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1 year ago

Thanks. Il do that

Chris - 33yo - level 4 -
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1 year ago

That's funny. I'm trying to get my husband to help with working up to he and I trying anal sex for the first time. I'm female by the way. My guess is that he's curious but really doesn't want to do it. Maybe your wife will never want to.

Sherry - level 43 -
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