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Me and my girlfriend are in a LDR and we play games together (PUBG) and FaceTime and all that but any ideas for dates? We have rabbit that allows us to watch Netflix together but that’s about it. Just want some new idea for dates.

Aaron - 26yo - level 25

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4 months ago

Aaron, have you seen the heartbeat bracelets? They are literally designed for LDR folks like you and your person. They actually have them in the gift section of this app. But an actual date idea.....hmmmm... got it!!!! Send her a small (football sized box) to arrive on the "date night". Send a big t-shirt of yours for her to sleep in. Whatever smell reminds her of you. Deodorant, cologne sprayed on a fabric,etc... and inside the box something like a small wrapped gift for her to open on camera. Instead of jewelry or something else meaningless. Write her a letter about how much she means to you and your life. etc.... Lastly, but most important. Remind her your gratitude for liking you so much she doesnt even need to feel or touch you as often as we others selfishly need in our relationships. You got this brother. Anyone who can hold onto another from a distance is succeeding where others failed.

J& - 31yo - level 19 -
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4 months ago

oh and send her a mold of your dick. Pink Cherry is where my wife got mine from. It glows in the dark!

J& - 31yo - level 19 -
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