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For long distance couples, which apps do you find helpful besides Happy Couple”?
We use:
-Happy Couple
-Google calendar

Angel - 33yo - level 33

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1 year ago

-Wechat (so I can reach her instantly)
-Skype (so we can watch movies together)
-Arena of Valor (so we can have fun together)
-Happy Couple (so we get to know each other)
-Yelp (so I can recommend her what to have for dinner)
-Citizen (so I know what is happening around her)
-Spotify (so we can listen to the same music)
-Day one (so I can remember all our stories even decades later)
-Amazon (so I can send her surprises)
-Eat 24 (so I can send her food)

the list goes on...

Heng - level 8 -
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1 year ago

I will try the streaming movies with skype. Thanks for the suggestion!

Angel - 33yo - level 33 -
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1 year ago

Essentially everything can be done together these days. Share photos, movies and chills, games...all kind of stuff ;) u just have to be creative

Akmal - 23yo - level 40 -
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1 year ago

We were in a 3 yr long distance relationship & we mainly talked & slept on the phone together a lot too. We played Words w Friends on the phone, Skyped & Duo. Bitmoji is fun as well! Good luck

Joy - 45yo - level 1 -
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