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I love my partner and I believes he does love me too. There is no way he is cheating on me. Whatever is happening in our relationship, we talk it through and move on but there is one subject even we think we are done with it, it will come back: sex. Our sex life is horrible: we work different schedules, when I get home he is sleeping when he is going to work I am sleeping. On my days off I think he would always want to have sex but no. We went 2 weeks without sex even if I touched him and get him hard, he sometimes if he is asleep he even pushes my hand to stop touching him. He will not give up his sleep for me and it hurts. I am asking for some advice on how to make him want to have sex or seduce him. I don't know because I don't want our sex life to just die. We have over a year together, I do not want to lose my relationship for sex because sex helps you connect with your partner.

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I know your pain me and my partner are going threw the same thing. Please dont think it has anything to do with you or yoir not good enough ok. I think u will find if you talk to him about it that he has his own issues going on wether that be work stress family stress money issues or just he feels insecure with him self this will effect a mans sexual urges. Talk to him about it and u will get more answers and can go from there.... but other options r get in touxh with ur inner romantic side... line ur hall way on both sides with candles leading all the way to your room sprinkle some rose pettles get some bubbley and two glasses get some classy but sexy cloths on and wait for him to come to u and go from there make it fun... different... same thing over and over can get boreing mix it up... change rooms locations ... dress up roll play ext

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4 weeks ago

Stress definitely affects

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