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How many times a day should we have sex?

Nick - 17yo - level 21

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9 months ago

What the hell?
The question should be how many times a week/month you should have sex!
I mean it's normal to get intimate more than once in one day but not every day! Let her have some rest, man!
It's not a sign of maturity that you're wondering that...

Toto - 20yo - level 1 -
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8 months ago

I was thinking that, but I looked at his age and that said it al! Lol

Deanna - 47yo - level 19 -
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9 months ago

Well.... I see that you’re 17. Right? So you’re gonna “WANT” to have it as many times as possible! Lol But it just depends on the couple, really. Some days you will need a break. We all do! We’re only human! And trust me, I’d youre in this for the long haul, and ya love each other, those bodies will still be there tomorrow, so if you only do it once ( or take a break for a day) it’s cool. Take that time to cuddle and talk. That’s where you’ll get to know her in those quiet times, without the raging hormones. Those are very special times too! So enjoy them all!

Deanna - 47yo - level 19 -
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