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Do you prefer to know when your partner masterbates without you or would you rather they keep it a secret?
Do you consider it cheating or are you hurt by your partner masterbating on their own?

Ronnie - 37yo - level 26

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11 months ago

It use to bother me, because he hid it and he only did it to porn, which he was also hiding! And I had some serious body image issues, then. That was a long time ago. We learned to communicate. Now we do ALL of those things together! Masterbation absolutely teaches you about your own body. Likes, dislikes and wants. It’s also very erotic in a couples setting. You have to really be emotionally uninhibited with your partner to so something that private with them. We’ve grown so so far from that!! That was almost 9 yrs ago that we had that issue. We’ve been together 10 years. Just gets better every year!

Deanna - 47yo - level 19 -
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12 months ago

I believe masturbation is normal but unnecessary when you have frequent contact with your partner. Of course it is not cheating. To me, it is actually good to masturbate. You learn more about your body and how to pleasure it

Maryna - 24yo - level 18 -
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5 months ago

It doesn't bother me, but it's more fun together !

Carolann - 55yo - level 5 -
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