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If a woman is married and has been ready to leave the marriage but got stranded and a male coworker flirts and she closed him down stating she was already married... And they proceeded just as friends (seriously nothing more happened til after) and asked everyone within her job area and moved in with the coworker and parents and we partied like 1999 and i go to jail he bonds me out (i also got paid) (left the x husband then 10mo now 5yr) 2 days later asks me to be his fiancee.... Life happened- then was broke as can be living at the lake and then up on our feet- the divorce finalized after twins was born 2 years later i bring it up about setting the date officially bcuz he said after probation and kids after home cars etc... Well we have that but apartment and my family loves hims adore him offered to pay for everything- so why wont he or doesn't agree or feel up to it anymore?

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Ask Jerry Springer...

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