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sometimes my spouse’s ‘tone’ is a problem...it is not so much what he is saying but how he is saying it...any thoughts on ‘tone improvement’?

nancy - level 20

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6 months ago

My partner is the same... I am very receptive to tone, he doesn't even realise he is changing his. For him it is very annoying to him when I tell him that I can tell by his tone that something else is going or his tone usage makes me feel terrible. I have figured out if I tell him how he is feeling when I call him out on it is how I feel when he does it, he will correlate the feelings. He only seems to understand how I feel if I gently use an experience where he would feel the same and compare it to my feelings. Then it's like a light bulb goes off and we go from there.

Jasmine - 37yo - level 47 -
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7 months ago

He's not talking to the dog. Or a child. Tell him to talk to you as if your a good friend.

Betty - level 16 -
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