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If your s/o was friends with someone they've hooked up with and that person is still actively pursuing them texting them inviting them over talking sexual etc and your s/o allows it not setting boundaries.then lies about messages and deletes them and continues to do so what would you think?

Matt - 36yo - level 17

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1 year ago

I think that the relationship is over. Neither your s/o or their friend respect the relationship or you. I'm not saying they're physically cheating but if they're lying and deleting texts then they can't be trusted and it's time to go.

Ben - 32yo - level 47 -
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3 months ago

That's cheating to me. Why delete or hide texts if there's nothing in it that would be considered bad... And to me if you are talking to another person where you have to hide or delete the convo, something inappropriate is happening, even if just in conversation. IMO, texting is cheating too, because it can become emotional cheating plus they are hiding it from you. If something is said that they don't want you to know, that's won't and you need to reevaluate what you are willing to tolerate and accept. You must be not wanting to accept it if you're asking for advice... So my advice treat it as if they are cheating on you and not respecting you and decide if you are willing to accept being cheated on and not be respected. I personally wouldn't tolerate it.

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 20 -
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