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How do I handle the rejection of my wife not wanting me to go down on her?
She loves it when I do & will have multiple orgasms but always tells me no.

Ronnie - 37yo - level 26

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4 months ago

Ronnie. Make her feel sexy my man. All it is, is her self conscious of having you face to well, lips if you will

Adam - 38yo - level 3 -
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1 year ago

I am not sure about you, but going down on your partner is typically meant to be something done for their benefit moreso than yours - if at all. Is there any particular reason you feel you are being rejected when she refuses? Maybe she is simply uncomfortable with the idea or is too shy for that specifically. It seems to me like a matter some open communication would clarify,

Woof - 26yo - - level 46 -
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