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My wife fantasizes about sex with a stranger.
Does anyone's partner have a specific fantasy?
& how do you feel about it?

Ronnie - 39yo - level 27

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3 months ago

I honestly believe everyone thinks about being with another person as long as it stays just a thought in their mind I say let them keep on keeping on u know.

Sarah - 35yo - level 1 -
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6 months ago

The fact that you're unsure about it and asking the question here for validation means that's you're not okay with it.
You're confused because it's conflicting with what your wife wants and you want to figure out who's feeling is more valid. Let me assure you, Ronnie, that although there's not a lot of black and white in relationships, but if you don't think it's right, then it just isn't right for you. Simple.

As far as the fantasy goes, you need to have a proper dialogue with your wife regarding it and what she's thinking and why - as in how did this idea come about in her mind, the underlying reasons for it, the idea in her head about what the act might feel like in reality (after all, ideas in our head are different from reality).

These conversations will clear out a lot of things from her mind and as well as yours. It'll bring clarity to your relationship and most probably her perceived 'exoticness' of the idea of having intimate relations with a stranger will diminish.

Personally, I don't consider it normal to have such feelings for a stranger. These fantasies are most probably a projection of some incompleteness that she might be feeling in her current situation.
What she really needs is some exoticisim, some adventure and some wild and pure sexual passion which you can very well provide but perhaps haven't been able to until because you didn't realise she was missing them and needed them. It's about time you explore this, but not before having an honest and thorough conversation with your wife as suggested above.

Also, after the conversation, if you're planning to instill that element of passion and excitement for her, don't tell her "Honey, I'm gonna do it for you!" after your conversation. Keep it natural and surprising. And it should start a little before the conversation, and then have the conversation, then continue this.

There's a high chance she'll stop having such fantasies when yo

Qutub - 23yo - level 23 -
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2 years ago

We watch porn together

Ronnie - 39yo - level 27 -
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