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If i need sex, but dont get it, and it always seems to just not happen. How do i deal with feeling unwanted?

Dan - 40yo - level 1

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2 years ago

You have to talk about that with your partner. That can really affect a relationship. Just explain you dont feel wanted. Once you get everything out to your partner and they understand hopefully things will get better for you. Make sure you have your partner tell you how they feel too. Dont make it just about your feelings and needs. If things dont change there might be more to it. Did you guys have sex often in the past and it just slowed down or stopped? Or has it always been this way with you wanting more and just not getting it? Sometimes partners can be "sexually off". Maybe your partner doesnt feel attractive, wanted or is too stressed. There could be many reasons. Maybe planning a romantic night will help. Just talk about it before it goes too far. Not feeling wanted can lead to cheating if someone comes along and starts to say the right things and makes you feel wanted. That won't help your situation. Good luck!

Jill - 36yo - level 14 -
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