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How do you deal with betrayal? Or more specific infidelity, when you are working throngs out with the person you love?

John - 33yo - level 1

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It is a process. A very challenging one. First you must remember you have made the choice to still be in the relationship and to work through things. Healing will come through feelings of anger, betrayal , sadness, deep hurt, rejection as well as the feeling of still being there giving your love. Fights will ensue mostly initiated by the one who was the unknowingly ever faithful partner. Tears will flow and if the partner who caused the pain is truly in it for the long haul and is sincerethey will also go through a bout of roller coaster feelings. From denial of their actions to, brushing it off as if it was a simple mistake to really realizing the pain they have caused and their sincere concern and pain of the damage done. They too will shed tears and have emotional moments. Most importantly is to get to the underlying issue in what ch caused the partner to strAy in order to get resolve. This will be a lengthy process. Overtime as these roller coaster of emotions and feelings are up and down the hyst will become less and the level of trust will rebuild.

Michelle - 50yo - level 7 -
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