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What's your take on relationship phone etiquette? Should phones be openly available to you both? If one partner is holding back and not so open, should you worry?

Mary - 36yo - level 12

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9 months ago

It's the best if there is enough trust for both parties to be on the other person's phone. Perhaps his phone would reveal secrets that he's not prepared to talk about yet, though those secrets are not always necessarily something you have to worry about. You can ask him whether there is a certain app (like the pictures app) that he doesn't want you to open. And than promise that you won't when we would allow you on his phone and keep your promise.

If your boyfriend is fishy and you think he still doing stuff that would make you unhappy than confront him about it and don't take a simple answer for an answer. You have a right to be careful.

(I made the assumption that your partner is a male/boyfriend, read it different if I assumed wrongly)

Timothy - 22yo - level 12 -
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