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What is the best way to make your significant other feel appreciated? I tell her I appreciate it all the time, I buy her flowers, I write her messages letting her know, I come home from work I help her clean up do the dishes and all that stuff, she still says she feels unappreciated by m 😔e and the kids... Any advice would help please

Tim - 37yo - level 17

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2 months ago

I would suit down after you help with all those things one day and the kids are in bed and say "Honey, I hear you telling me that you don't feel appreciated by me. That is very concerning to me because I do try my hardest to help you out, but I would like to know what i am doing that has you feeling this way. Can we have a discussion about this because I appreciate all that you do and never want you to feel like that." She should feel heard and have a conversation, if not then then I feel like she probably isn't sexually satisfied, so go fuck her brains out making sure she cums at least 3 times before you do. Cheers!

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1 month ago

Have you tried the love languages quiz? Maybe do it together and then talk about how you both give and receive love. And what would help her feel what you are trying to express

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