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We are in a LDR, and my guy has clearly told me that he cannot prioritise us for the next 2-3 years as he is very focused on his career. By not prioritising he means, he cannot go out of the way to do anything THAT REQUIRES TIME AS HE CAN'T GIVE ME TIME. But this is not to say he is misleading me, he has assured things would change after these years of struggle... Also my guy is a little devoid of emotions while m an over emotional person. Not to say he doesn't love me, but his Emotional quotient is low. Eg. often he cannot think of how to react in situations like when I'm crying. He tries to help me with his limited capacity, has a heart of gold but i feel lack of Emotional connectivity.

So in a situation like this, Is it possible to continue or is it better to part ways?
He did say we would talk on call/video call as and when possible but he can't do other things (surprise gifts,virtual dates, movies or anything that requires him to think creative) right now like other ppl in a LDR

Shubhashree - 25yo - level 32

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