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Ok so If my girlfriend gets her hands on my phone she always checks my activity and does a Google takeout on my phone so she can go though all my data by sending 3 months of stuff to her self to scroll though when ever she feel like it ... I put a gps phone tracker on her Android phone ... and recorded 40 different recordings ... Some of which sounded like sex in the back ground noise .. people talking in them bout condoms and lube and fuckin in the bathroom and parkin lot when confronted she said it's wasn't her and nothing ever happened at her job but work .. have any of u ever used a phone tracker in ur relationships???? I can't seem to get over the recorded parts with sex and moaning.. they weren't the best recordings ever but I heard fuckin... No doubts please help . How would you handle it???

David to - 40yo - level 3

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2 weeks ago

A relationship must have mutual trust to work, so...

Bobbi - 55yo - level 29 -
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1 week ago

If you need to track someone in a relationship you already have the answers to Your questions.

Tish - level 7 -
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