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What's the best way to meet other couples?

It's getting lonely over here! We have each other of course but we have no couple friends and it's frustrating!

Even at church, there's just no connection there. No group or anything.

Simone - 29yo - level 17

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9 months ago

If you can find a place online for your question, you should do fine finding websites that caters to your interests in meeting other couples.

1. Say hello to your local novelty store(s) when the “stay at home” requester lift. Look for advert. around the register as well as bluntly ask the person running the register what your searching for, and lastly, check store walls for biz cards, event postcards and flyers tacked to wall-art cork boards: Pick a few adult-picture magazines and short-story mags., read it’s paid ad contents found within the center of and backs of mags.
2. Internet blogs are a good source of help with many, many, posts of articles covering a wide category of subjects, but for you, “couples,” specifically, the following (10) websites will help you with meeting couples. Those sites include: Fetish.com, Boundndetermined.com, Bdsmcircle.net, Bdsmcafe.com, Bdsmyou.com,, Literotica.com, Kinkly.com, Girlonthenet.com, and Casualsexproject.com
3. Paid advertising found in Hustler Magazine, both print & digital cost $1.35 for a 3-Day subscribtion: https://hustlermagazine.com/subscribe
4. Last advice is to explore smartphone apps like iPhone’s App Store or android Google Play. Type “meet couples” into search bar in your App Store and the choices should keep you busy for a long time to come.
5. Be cautious, be safe, and be smart

HusbandDone - 43yo - level 8 -
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10 months ago

Bars, book clubs, plays, concerts....

Bobbi - 56yo - level 30 -
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10 months ago

Uhhhh.... When you find one of those that's open, let me know.

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 27 -
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