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I'm struggling with something and it's killing me on the inside. My boyfriend and I have been together since November 2018 and we've been having some issues lately with our relationship. First of all, when we first started dating we were both all over each other constantly and just recently my spouse hasn't been wanting to have sex with me and is always telling me that he's tired or don't feel good. I don't know what to think other than he's not into me anymore or he's cheating on me on the internet. I have been having some gut feelings that aren't pleasant and it bothers me. I went through his phone 3 days ago after I prayed for God to reveal to me what was going on. Well, needless to say I found a game he's been playing with another female. We use to play and now he's playing with females. He got mad because I was telling him that that's a form of cheating and that I wouldn't dare play with other guys. It's just not right!!! He told me that it was just a game. I'll continue!!

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2 weeks ago

He’s right. To him, and to me, it’s just a flipping gam, but as your husband he should be more honest to you and careful of your feelings. Set some boundaries for online gaming such as no instant messaging, perhaps only play when your are in the house and if you are not, he maintains online gaming friends with only make players.

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