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I met my guy on Bumble 9 months ago, we didn't seriously start talking until about two months ago but we still have not met in person. Not sure what to think about this??
Also 9 x's out of 10 the only time we talk is when I either call or text him, it's extremely rare that he texts or calls me first. It makes me feel like he never thinks about me.
I've bought it up to him and have even mentioned just saying good bye and when I did he was extremely adamant and very quick to say no!
Somebody please give me your thoughts, insight, suggestions, anything?? I'd greatly appreciate them. Thank you! 💯👍

Bianka - 43yo - level 1

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6 months ago

Doesn't sound too promising- How does he act when you talk about meeting in person...or have you even talked about it?? If u have & it hasnt happened because he always has some excuse as to y he cant....ya need to let him go & if he has never brought the subject up yet....ya need to move on!!! Listen to your gut...its always smarter than you heart!! Good Luck-

Bobbi - 56yo - level 30 -
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6 months ago

Thank you! I actually said good bye to him this evening. 😪😪😪

Bianka - 43yo - level 1 -
5 months ago

Sounds like you made the right call :)

Brad - 27yo - level 28 -
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