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Me and my wife are going through the same situation at the moment but they're is a guy involved in our lives. She told me if I didn't change she was leaving me I thought I'd give me a little bit I would do it just for me to do it several days later so she talked to some of her friends weeks prior to that saying that I have transparent should I know what to do! And I told her and this guy to separate because I didn't want to lose my wife of 5 years just for her to say she had feelings for the guy and I get left at my mom's house 3 hours away and no way of getting back to my family and they spent all of our income tax and I have been begging for her to come get me for several days but I can't really talk to her without the guy or our daughter not letting me talk to her what do I do about that because I know she's still got feelings for me I can feel it Everytime I get to talk to her and I get these gut feelings any time something happens to her can anyone give me some kind of advice on m

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