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Some of my boyfriends answers to questions (like, "how would you feel if she had a close friend of the opposite sex?" & "how would you feel if she wanted to go to a party alone?") make me feel like he sees me more like a friend with benefits. I dont want him to be crazy with jealousy but he is sooooo trusting that it feels less like trust and more like not caring. I trust him not to cheat on me but at the same time I dont like some of his female friends because they are extremely flirty with him. So I don't really like him hanging out with them alot. I guess just every question about being away from me or something eluding to jealousy he answers with a "I'm just happy for her" and "It wouldn't bother me". am I just taking it wrong?

Genevieve - 29yo - level 20

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Well, you really need to ask yourself why is that you need someone to get jealous of your other male close friends... if you have had them and you only see them as friends...
Because there's another side of the coin, which is not pretty... someone getting jealous of anyone close to you... specifically males...
Regardless of whether you're open to your boyfriend's female friends or not...
Most importantly is to see yourself how do You feel about it... Do you want to have friends of opposite sex?
Do You think this is "normal/trending/modern"...
Do you want a monogamous relationship with a boy??
If the answer is yes, to either... or No...
Make clear to yourself first how Do you truly feel about it and follow through it... Do not compromise, otherwise you will be dragged to live and things you don't want or believe in...
Speak up and try and make friends with similar way of seeing things... discuss it with them, before going deep into the relationship, even during...
Do not suffer in silence... Do not put up with it... otherwise you will hurt yourself little by little and start eating your own desires or own needs.
I personally believe if you want a monogamous, normal relationship between a boy and a girl... you need to make it clear to him!

luis miguel - 51yo - level 29 -
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