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How do I prove to my husband that I love him, and I want him by my side until the end of time I want to grow old or older with him and I want to be happy and in love, but I feel if I let some of my walls down and let him know how much i love him he will just ts me me for granted and walk all over me.i want him not to only love me but to be in love with me.

Quintana - 43yo - in a relationship for 12 years - Married - 2 - Ceres ca, United States - level 11

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1 month ago

If you've been married for 12 years and you still aren't sure if you can trust him to respect you; then, it's probably time you two had that discussion.

Most men that I know, including myself, would never want their wife to live in fear like that.

I'll pray for you two that things will improve. 👍

Robert - 32yo - level 1 -
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