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So I've been with my boyfriend now for 10 month's. He is the greatest man that I have ever grown to know. I wasn't looking when we met. Just so everyone can get a feeling when we met I had been trying to get my ex to leave me alone still five years later. That when my love had asked me out I kept putting him off for over a year. So one day he called me telling me he just needed a friend "Really so did I". So I said yes and we finally met each other face to face. To both of our surprise we lived right around the corner from each other. So we kept talking and seeing each other every day. Thin one day after we went out again and he took me home I said those words I LOVE YOU. I knew I had felt something but love I really didn't know and asked him to please disregard what I had said by mistake. He smiled and said he had fallen in love with me as well. He's an older man and used to dating much much younger girls like my kid's ages. I found he's texting other girl's idk what to do

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If he is giving u the impression that u r the only woman in his life & texting/seeing others than u need to end it but, if u dont know where u stand because there has been 0 conversation about it, & u want to be with him than its time to talk to him about it to see where he stands and go from there😋 If it doesnt go well please dont take it so hard...there r plenty of good guys that want one good woman!! Good Luck!!

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