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Trust; cheating; confused!!!

Over the last year I've had difficulties with my husband due to his phone logs showing web calls being made which he says he knows nothing about. The situation over the last year has progressed to his phone my mom's computer my mom cell phone my phone all being configured to being able to make streaming calls and receiving files through Bluetooth and sending files through Bluetooth and they are all hidden and blocked to where I can't see them but I know that they're there. I also have uncovered links for developers being able to write their own program so that websites are redirected when I go to look and see what information is there I'm so confused because I'm not computer literate person per say I know a lot abowhich is a screenshot of his face on her screen all of her icons with little hearts finding phone numbers emails threcently got so disgusted with being accused of cheating from me that he told me to pack my bags and leave if that's the way I feel

Cindy - 50yo - level 1

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5 months ago

That sounds like he's being defensive and don't want to admit to wing doing so he'd rather put it in you.

Christina - 33yo - in a relationship for 1 year - Dating - level 27 -
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5 months ago

I have felt this way but I am now starting a fresh Outlook on this and rebuilding our relationship as there is been infidelity anyway. It hasn't been easy regaining my trust and there are a lot of bitter feelings.

Cindy - 50yo - level 1 -
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