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I started dating my boyfriend the start of the year, my overly protective and platonic bestie is against him because my boyfriend’s personal life is quite private. Bestie’s gf/fling/whatever is in the same department in uni as my bf and she asked around and no one knew about him. Fyi, it was because he has a hard background and financial constraints for uni so he had to defer it 4 times for now, which makes sense. When my bestie was informed about that, he started talking about our status quo etc etc, about how my bf’s a 1 at most because my bestie “sees people better than I do”. I told him he broke up with me when he found out my bestie doesn’t like him to shut him up for awhile because I have uni submissions and he’s been pestering me, wanting to know about how we broke up. I’m free now to talk to him but I don’t know how to talk to him about how we’re together still. I don’t want to risk losing my bestie or boyfriend. What do I do?

Afi - 23yo - level 4

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